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Welcome to the Oakdale Village HOA Website! This website will be a useful tool to notify residents about important HOA information and what events are going on in your community. Owners of the Association can request a log in to access the "Members Only Section".  What are you waiting for? Request a login today!
~ Architectural Review ~
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~ Fine & Parking Policies ~
The HOA association has adopted Parking Rules and Regulations and Fine Schedule/Policy for the community.. Should you have any questions on either policy, please contact Kathryn at kschroyer@clagett.com.
Towing Enforcement of the community has started. This is a reminder to all residents that towing will be enforced as per the Parking Rules and Regulations. Below is a brief summarization of what can be towed in the community without warning:
·        Any vehicle parked obstructing the sidewalk more than six (6) inches
·        Any vehicle parked in a signed prohibited location (includes alleys)
·        Any vehicle double parked, taking up two spaces, blocking another vehicle, mailboxes, etc.
·        Any vehicle undergoing major repair (including on jacks) in common areas
Additionally, the following are subjected to be towed with prior notice from the towing company:
·        Any commercial vehicle as defined in the community documents stored or parked on the common streets.
·        Any vehicle found inoperable or under major repair
·        Any vehicle with expired or no tags or stored over 30 days without moving in a common space.

~ COVID-19 ~
Greetings Residents of the Oakdale Village Community,
We have been closely monitoring recommendations from the CDC as well as those of federal,state and local officials regarding the global virus COVID-19 outbreak.
In regards to the common areas of the community, it is recommended that residents take precaution and observe social distancing as best as possible. The HOA cannot disinfect surfaces of playgrounds and amenities.
The Clagett office is open to visitors at this time from 9am-5pm. However we encurage owners to mail any payments to the lockbox processing center. Please email kschroyer@clagett.com for community questions.

~ Community News ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
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~ Architectural Reminders ~
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~ Condominium I News ~
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~ Condominium II News ~
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~ Condominium III News ~
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~ Commercial Vehicles & Trailers ~
Additionally, commercial vehicles, including trucks and trailers are not permitted to be parked in the common area cut outs or in driveways (other than when a resident is having a contractor perform work on their home).
As stated in Article 9, Section 9.02 (x) Parking "Except for parking within garages and except as otherwise provided herein, the following are expressly prohibited from being kept, parked or otherwise maintained on the Property, or upon any Public Streets, Common Area, Condominium Common Elements, Common Access Driveways, driveways and/or Alleys & Private Streets within or adjacent to the property: (a) Commercial vehicles and trucks of any kind (except for vans,mini vans, station wagons or other passenger vehicles (Class A registered vehicles as defined by the MVA) used for commercial purposes which, except for a commercial name on the vehicle, are normally used for non-commercial purposes and pick up trucks with a rated capacity not exceeding 3/4 ton." These vehicles must be removed from the community parking spaces or roads or they could be subject to enforcement.

~ Frederick News ~
Want to know whats going on in the Frederick area this weekend? Click Here to be directed to the Frederick County Website to see all the exciting activity going on in your area!