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Welcome to the Oakdale Village HOA Website! This website will be a useful tool to notify residents about important HOA information and what events are going on in your community. Owners of the Association can request a log in to access the "Members Only Section".  What are you waiting for? Request a login today!
~ Sidewalk Survey Information ~
As mailed to owners, the community is requesting feedback on the remaining sidewalks in the community. 
After looking through documentation, it was determined that in both traditional, neo-traditional style single family homes and townhouses, the sidewalk that abuts a lot (NOT the lead walks to homes from driveways) is the responsibility of the owner of the unit. Condo owner lead walks are covered under the condo association, and the main walks bordering the condo parcels are common area responsibility.
Currently the association does handle clearing the sidewalks of snow/ice, however the association is looking into potentially taking over full responsibility of the sidewalks to include repair and replacement. 
In taking over the responsibility of all the sidewalks (currently common and homeowner) would come at a cost and increase the deposits needed to fund the reserve study. Currently of the 84,000 sq ft of sidewalk within the community, the association covers 41,000sq ft. Because this impact is taking on an additional element that would increase costs, an official vote with 60% of owners in favor or obtaining all sidewalk maintenance would be required. If the required vote is passed and the additional sidewalks are incorporated, it is estimated to increase the reserve study contribution about $15.00 ANNUALLY for each owner (315 units) or roughly $1.25 per unit per month in addition to the current dues. 
The intention of adding the sidewalks as part of the community maintenance would be to ensure the following for all members:
·        The work done on the sidewalk in front of the Townhouses and Single Families stays consistent with the rest of the neighborhood.
·        Safety- control of the contractor to perform work where there are utility lines present.
·        Homeowners would not be under compliance concerns from the association, as it would be part of the association to repair. 
BELOW is a survey to cast your feedback. You MUST be logged in to view or provide feedback on this item. Please do so no later than October 20th, 2023.

~ Sidewalk Survey ~
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~ Architectural Guideline Changes ~
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~ Architectural Review ~
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~ Commercial Vehicles & Trailers ~
Additionally, commercial vehicles, including trucks and trailers are not permitted to be parked in the common area cut outs or in driveways (other than when a resident is having a contractor perform work on their home).
As stated in Article 9, Section 9.02 (x) Parking "Except for parking within garages and except as otherwise provided herein, the following are expressly prohibited from being kept, parked or otherwise maintained on the Property, or upon any Public Streets, Common Area, Condominium Common Elements, Common Access Driveways, driveways and/or Alleys & Private Streets within or adjacent to the property: (a) Commercial vehicles and trucks of any kind (except for vans,mini vans, station wagons or other passenger vehicles (Class A registered vehicles as defined by the MVA) used for commercial purposes which, except for a commercial name on the vehicle, are normally used for non-commercial purposes and pick up trucks with a rated capacity not exceeding 3/4 ton." These vehicles must be removed from the community parking spaces or roads or they could be subject to enforcement.

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~ Frederick News ~
Want to know whats going on in the Frederick area this weekend? Click Here to be directed to the Frederick County Website to see all the exciting activity going on in your area!

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